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PVC wicker, as well as poly resin, is plastic and therefore water and dirt resistant. The longevity of furniture made from this material is mostly up to the owner and how the furniture is cared for. To maintein the longetivity of the furniture kept in out of constant direct sunlight, while giving it enough light to reduce the chances of it developing mold or mildew, the furniture will need very little care. If the PVC furniture is to be in a place where it will frequently become wet or be consistently in direct sun, it would be very wise to cover it with outdoor furniture covers. This will help the furniture to stay looking newer longer. However, outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements and will likely need to be cleaned. Most of the time water and a very mild soap will take care of dirt and rain spots. When PVC wicker or poly resin furniture need to be cleaned more intensely, here you can find the best product for cleaning it, with this product you can remove oxidation, prevents erosion, protects the finish, adds luster, prevents fading & cracking.
Vinyl Protectant & Preservative:

resin vinyl
consoles vinyl seats wrought iron
trim vinyl tops faux stone
spa covers fiberglass dash
tires moldings leather
metal frames imitation marble glass table tops
acrylic bumpers  

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Woven Furniture Care
All weather patio can be enjoyed for many years when well maintaned. Wash woven furniture with a solution of mild detergent and water, rinse with clear water and dry thorougly. Apply to vinyl strap a quality vinyl protectant to guard against the effects of air pollution salt air, and mildew growth. For best protection, perform this maintenance every season, althogh these materials can be safely cleaned as often as desired.
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Our sustainable furniture is made of solid eucalyptus wood grown in the beautiful forests of Brazil. All eucalyptus wood come from 100% well managed forests certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
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