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Outdoor wood furniture should be cleaned twice a year or as often as needed. Maintenance is as easy as you want it to be. To preserve the original “showroom” color it should be protected from the elements, especially strong sun light, heavy rain and snow. The rapid growth of eucalyptus trees makes them more readily available and more easily affordable. Wood is a natural product and is said to be alive. When exposed to alterations in climate (sun, rain, dry or humid air, heat or cold) it is normal for cracks to appear. Amazonia products are elaborated with the humidity of the wood at an adequate percentage so as to maintain the balance between the retractions due to sun and dry air and the expansions due to rain and humidity.

Amazonia Sealer for teak and Eucalyptus (and other hardwoods)
Cont 16 fl. oz./ 0.5 Ltr.

Maintains the natural color of Eucalyptus or Teak for a longer time Easy to apply. Spray and cloth included. Why is so much better than hardwood oil: 1. it maintains the natural brown color of tropical woods for a longer time: Up to 4 time longer than hardwood oil up to twice as long as other hardwood sealers
2. It’s environment-friendly because it is 100 water-based, non toxic fumes ; non flammable, Eco SAfe.
3. it is fast and easy to apply.
4. It’s not an oil, it is not greasy; clothes stay clean.
5. It is resistant to mould and prevents black spots on the patio furniture teak or eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus and teak wood care Instructions for use:
1. Before using the eucalyptus and teak sealer, eye protection and rubber gloves should be worn. Cover the ground under your work area before starting.
2. Gray wood or wood treated with teak oil must be first cleaned with teak and hardwood cleaner.
3. New teak wood or Eucalyptus care: first clean with teak cleaner to remove some of the natural teak oils or weather for 1 week outside before treatment.
4. lf clean wood feels rough, sand lightly before treating with sealer. Make sure the teak is 100 % dry and free of dust.
5. Shake and stir hardwood sealer at least a minute before use. Insufficient shaking can lead to uneven weathering.
6. we suggest you try the hardwood sealer on a small area first like back of the legsto judge if the color meets your expectations.
7. Apply a very thin layer of the hardwood sealer evenly over the furniture with a dust free cloth. Apply a second very thin coat after 30 minutes drying time.
8. It is recommended that you treat your furniture with hardwood protector at least twice a year.



Amazonia wood sealer/preservative is a penetrating oil that inhibits oxidation and mildew stains on wood furniture. After cleaning teak or eucalyptus wood, allow 24 hours drying time in dry weather before applying Amazonia's Wood Sealer/Preservative. Apply in temperatures between 50 to 70 F. degrees. Use on dry wood which all previous coatings have been removed. Sand with the grain using a fine sandpaper if a smoother surface is desired. For best eucalyptus or teak wood care stir product or shake well before application. For eucalyptus or teak wood furniture a sprayer is recommended. Wipe off excess immediately. after 1/2 hour apply a second coat. Protect all surrounding objects and floor with plastic.

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