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Eucalyptus Wood
Our eucalyptus wood furniture is made of solid “Eucalyptus Grandis” wood, grown in 100 % well managed forests in Brazil, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
The mechanical and physical characteristics, allied to the product project, are adequate to its use in the manufacturing of Patio Furniture.
The wood is given genetic care, the correct cultivation, the forestry management properly done, the cut of the tree in the age planed, the sawing of the log in a scheduled way and the drying of the wood with developed programmers for that purpose give to Eucalyptus wood regularity, productivity and quality not possible to the essences gathered in native forest.
The FSC seal is guarantee of the sustainable origin of the wood. It testifies that the wood, or the prime material used in a product, comes from forests managed ecologically correctly, socially just, and economically viable. The FSC certificate is the green seal with the greatest credibility in the world.
Eucalyptus Furniture Finish
Amazonia Furniture is finished with Polisten, a sealer applied at origin. It gives the wood a property of hydro-repellent, besides being a fungicide and an insecticide, it gives an extra life of 2 to 3 years when exposed to the outdoor elements. The application of this product allows the continuation of the moisture exchange process.
Eucalyptus Wood Care
Every product that uses wood as its raw material must be treated with a certain amount of care, with the objective of maintaining its original aspect for as long as possible. Learn more about your leisure furniture to guarantee its durability:
Wood is a natural product and is said to be alive. When exposed to alterations in climate (sun, rain, dry or humid air, heat or cold) it is normal for cracks to appear. Amazonia products are elaborated with the humidity of the wood at an adequate percentage so as to maintain the balance between the retractions due to sun and dry air and the expansions due to rain and humidity.
If your furniture is exposed for a long period to only one of the extreme climatic situations, there will be an imbalance in the behavior of the wood. Avoid leaving it outdoors for long periods of time. Excessive contact with the sun causes retractions and cracks, “warping” the larger boards, as well as loosening srcews.
In case of excessive contact with water, the wood can expand, misaligning the joints of the parts with fibers in opposite directions, causing articulation difficulties in the product.
For products with Stain finishing, rain can cause a loss in the pigmentation of the eucalyptus. If the piece of furniture is over a porous type of flooring, it can cause a stain, which tends to disappear naturally with rain and sunshine or after the floor has been washed a few times.
Variations in tone and texture are not defects, and are in fact characteristics of natural products. Under the effects of time, wood can acquire a grayish tone, especially in furniture with visible wood.
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Our sustainable furniture is made of solid eucalyptus wood grown in the beautiful forests of Brazil. All eucalyptus wood come from 100% well managed forests certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
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